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Aerials Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Aerials

Transmitter and receiver antennas are often very different in design depending on the job they are doing. If you’re using   a satellite phone that can send and receive a video-telephone call to any other place on Earth using space satellites, the aerial used will be like a satellite dish unlike a conventional TV aerial. The signals you transmit and receive all pass through a single satellite dish—a special kind of antenna shaped like a bowl (and technically known as a parabolic reflector, because the dish curves in the shape of a graph called a parabola). Often, though, transmitters and receivers look very different. TV or radio broadcasting antennas are huge masts sometimes stretching hundreds of meters/feet into the air, because they have to send powerful signals over long distances. But you don’t need anything that big on your TV or radio at home: a much smaller antenna will do the job fine.

Which Aerial

Depending on your location and the signal strength will depend on which aerial you will need to purchase. Many years back there was a covenant stating that houses in Milton Keynes could not have external aerials so loft aerials were the only option if you wanted a strong signal.

However this ruling now seems to have been superseded and external aerials and satellites are popping up all over the area

Some Useful Contacts

Euro Digital

43 Baccara Grove,
Milton Keynes
01908 340178

Leo Knight Aerials
View website  CLICK HERE

Mac Aerials
37 Bushey Close ,
Milton Keynes
01908 632082

Digital Aerials Milton Keynes
01908 465850